CD's and iCalm Dogs 1.0

The psychoacoustic theory behind 'Through a Dog's Ear'...is the process of minimizing intricate auditory sounds found in most music. [ie. certain instruments, pitches, notes and rhythms]. The instrumentation and tempo of classical music can produce marked positive differences in dogs' behaviour. For example, solo instruments [such as the piano or violin], slower tempos, and less complex arrangements, had a greater calming effect on dogs than faster selections with more complex harmonic and orchestral content. "Seventy percent of anxiety behaviours were reduced with psychoacoustically designed music, because psychoacoustically designed music, with a slower tempo and simpler arrangements and sounds, proved effective in reducing anxiety." (quotes taken from "Through a Dog's Ear")

$10 (no GST)

While the cd's are convenient if your dog is lounging around at home, the flash drive technology, specifically created for the iCalmDog 1.0, is perfect for traveling. The flash drives also work with computers. (Simply insert into the USB drive.) This compact, portable speaker player is versatile and very functional to enable your 4-legged friend to enjoy the relaxing, calming sounds of Through a Dog's Ear music.

* I use my iCalm Dog for all in-home sessions and find that my clients are much more relaxed and at ease for their massages. 

$100 (no GST)

1 in stock - discontinued on iCalmPet website

New editions do not have thumb drive capability to play your own music.



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Looking for the perfect gift for the dog lover in your life?  Look no further! Pawsitive Touch Canine Massage offers gift certificates, which can be picked up or mailed to either you or the gift recipient.